God in Ezek 36:26 says about a new heart that is soft, tender, submissive to the Holy Spirit.

this heart is tender that we often feel hurt by the words spoken by brothers and sisters. firstly, this heart is given not so that you will feel hurt in that way. but rather, it is given so that He can write His words of life on it.

the Breastplate of God

firstly, the breastplate of righteousness in Eph 6 and in 1 thess 5, it is called the breastplate of love and faith.

the breastplate protects the tender heart. this is so that when afflictions come, our heart is still kept safe and soft for God.

the effects of a afflicted heart

at times, when we feel hurt, saddness hang on our faces, our mood is affected and that we may even choke the desire to serve God.

it may even result in the withdrawal of fellowship, being judgmental and eventually it becomes harden. a hard heart doesnt respond to God (heb 3, Rom 9).

God, being wise, know what words of men may do to your heart, hence made an armor so that it can be kept tender for His purpose.

the armor is for the weak

people may say it is the hearer that is weak, hence, they are affected easily by the words of men. that is not a problem, for it is God who has given them a new tender heart. tell the ones who are having problems handling the words of men to put on the armor!

the weaker we are, the better it is. the armor is not for the strong, it is for the weak (2 Cor 13:4 – this verse is a must-read).

the hearers do not have a problem. they just need the armor of God – the breastplate of righteousness, faith and love.

putting on the armor,